Here’s a preview page for the upcoming Ultracore #2, in which star-crossed paths are not joined but collapsed and we discover that our hero has a soft side…



Really enjoyed this movie, helped me get out of a no drawing gutter

Killer work here. Check it out.

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"What I have shown you is the key to survival.
What I have told you is the truth of the cosmos.
What I have taught you is the knowledge of stars.
What I have given you is the power to save this galaxy.”

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Rho Ophiuchi Nebula by Lee Buck

The Rho Ophiuchus Nebula Complex (IC4604) and the surrounding area lies within the Ophiuchus Constellation, and is one of the most interesting and beautiful areas in the entire sky.

Featuring the bright star Antares, the Ophiuchi Triple Star and surrounding IC4604 Reflection Nebula, M4 Globular Cluster, and the smaller NGC 6144 Globular Cluster, as well as various dark nebula, this area holds something of interest for any astronomer or deep space imager.

The beautiful blue IC 4604 reflection nebula surrounding the Rho Ophiuchi Triple Star is one of the standout features in this area. It is a result of interstellar dust that is illuminated by nearby stars.

A great photo, representing what Ultracore strives for in storytelling and image.

Issue #2 under construction

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"What meaningless terrain stands before me?…"

This is an early sketch of our hero, Ultracore.


Ultracore is now online.

Created by Phil Tobias and Victor Williamson, with Issue #2 currently in production.

In 2013, the Core returns…